Duplex Market has been founded in 2020 the date was 9 Nov. One that day, register as an eCommerce website.


The name of the founder of Duplex Market is Asfaqul Azam (Asik), he is a Digital Marketer, and his business partner Md Kawsar Ali. They belong to Rohanpur.


The primary language of Duplex Market is English and all product details are written in English.


Users can contact us with an email address. Our email address:


The Duplex Market is an eCommerce website. Our main goal is try to provide the best service because we believe the customer is king. So we will treat a customer like a king or a queen. So customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Duplex Market has a lot of products for your daily needs and fashion life. So you can find out the maximum product on one eCommerce marketplace. Also, we will try to found out a lot of unique products to provide more value for every customer.

Also, we will try to provide the best product for every customer. So you can say Duplex Market main motto is client satisfaction.

So we need a chance to give you more value in your daily life, So buy your targeted product stay with Duplex Market.
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